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The world's best chile, or chili is a New Mexican tradition.

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Ever wonder why New Mexico, the "Land of Enchantment" and Hatch, NM in particular, are so widely known for our chile crop?

New Mexico is a mosaic where various cultural ingredients intermingle and complement each other, while each retains its basic identity. The mosaic has been collecting pieces since Coronado's expedition.

Perhaps the most essential ingredient for any New Mexico recipe is the famous chile, or chili pepper that grows in 2,000 different varieties.  And each and every one of them is spectacular in taste!

Depending on the variety, growth and harvest conditions, "hotness" can vary. Your cook/waiter will know which is hotter. If you're the adventurous sort, ask for "Christmas"--a sample of red and green chile/chili served side-by-side.  

New Mexico is the leading state in pungent chile/chili production with more than 21,000 acres under cultivation in 1998.  The Capsicum species, encompassing a wide range of colors, sizes,  shapes and spiciness, are roasted, stewed, fried, cooked or simply added fresh off the plant. Chile, or chili generally comes in either a red or green sauce.